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Mulan shouldn't be ambiguous unless the writers are backtracking or keeping it under wraps. Black swan lesbian scene time. You have some valid points, regarding that we could have stretched this over more episodes, to make it seem more organic or natural, and others have pointed out that having Red and Mulan be the couple would have accomplished this as well, because at least we know they have been traveling together for a bit.

Emma explains that Zelena is in the Underworld, and suggests they confront her. Once upon a time lesbian couple. I'm actually sure that ABC would step in before Disney because businesses don't randomly bring down the head honchos to do their ABC executives' jobs.

But Mulan told her not to do so and just take the leap. The fact that they kept it so vague with Mulan and Aurora is strange, I mean Ruby and Dorothy didn't talk obscure about their relationship, so it's definitely some Disney mandate. Like us on Facebook. Ruby kisses Dorothy, breaking the curse. This is the world we live in. Ruby and Dorothy's relationship feels very shoved in, rather than grown. Danny wylde naked. Jamie Chung is a busy lady, but her character really needs some lovin'.

Sustaining member Regular monthly contribution by automatic bank or credit card draft. In an interview with IGNseries co-creator Adam Horowitz provided more details about this character, but naturally shied away from revealing who it is so as to not spoil the surprise. That interview about Mulan's sexuality. Ruby and Dorothy literally in one day met and fell in love.

The CW has decided to can Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters, inexplicably betting against a sure thing. Features Once Upon a Time. How Red acted the whole episode, she was always a strong and pretty confident character and now they turn her into a little pussy cat. TV shows renewed, cancelled in season — Updating live by Sonya Field. But personally, and I already said it, at this point of the series, if people do not see at least Mulan's love for Aurora whether she is bisexual or lesbian ; it is only because they don't to see it.

If they just let me gain control over Mulan's character in Once, that would be great. Then again, was the love story itself rushed? Then why the hell is this happening? If that's the case then I fear that Mulan is going to be either forgotten or her sexuality will be retconned and they can do that cause they never specifically said she was gay.

What do we really want? I would feel the same, if Snow and the Prince did the same. And they're able to have a TLK?? Yeah she was supposed to go with the Merry Men to SB in the first place She agrees to blow a kiss into a bottle for Ruby to bring to Dorothy, but Hades appears and turns Em into a liquid, by contaminating her soup with liquid from the River of Lost Soulsand bottles her up.

I gotta ask though, why is Mulan's sexuality ambiguous exactly? That's a fair joke to make, just like the many other jokes she makes.

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Disney has no involvement with it until proven, not based on speculation.

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Was that bad journalism? I really wanted Mulan and Ruby to get together but Ruby and Dorothy were kinda adorable. They are, as well as your irrelevant personal feelings on the subject, uncalled for. Beautiful naked women outdoors. I guess it kind of was. I would feel the same, if Snow and the Prince did the same.

How Red acted the whole episode, she was always a strong and pretty confident character and now they turn her into a little pussy cat. Homosexuality continues to be over-represented in the media because producers want people, and especially kids, to think it's normal and everyday life.

Sounds like just Tilly's type, right? They brought Mulan the only lgbt character on the show back for an lgbt arc. But Regina and the others arrive before she can leave. Red was unsure and nervous because she didn't know how Dorothy, whom she liked, would take her being a werewolf. Once upon a time lesbian couple. Dorothy explains that Toto was a final gift from her beloved Auntie Em, who died shortly after interceding to prevent Dorothy's family from having her committed due to her stories of Oz.

Disney wouldn't let them turn Mulan into a lesbian. Girls fuking ass. At the Emerald Palace, Dorothy confronts Zelena, who pricks her with a sleeping curse. In reality, that is their fairytale. Yes, Mulan never said clearly "I love you" to Aurora. Edited by Farerb In that respect, Ruby finding out she is bisexual is totally consistent with the main themes of the LRRH fairy tale and is, in fact, just a twist on that.

We never see Philip and Aurora's meeting or romance, so we can't say they fell in love in a day, they had plenty of time. Mulan is in the army disguised as a man like in both the legend and the movieand Shang thinking she is a man falls for her. Most Read Indonesian pastor sentenced to 4 years for witnessing to Christian faith Tim Farron pulls out of Christian conference saying he's 'deeply concerned and saddened' by publicity material Ecclesiastes 9: The show was even rated by Common Sense Media as acceptable viewing for children 12 and up, and this is why it was given the "family-friendly" time slot of 8 p.

I also think they could do an interesting thing with Mulan and Shang in a backstory episode for Mulan. That interview about Mulan's sexuality. I think we all know that we won't see Ruby Slippers again ever. I think it would have seemed more natural if Red had been able to trap Auntie Em's kiss in the bottle and woke up Dorthy that way. Naked painting porn. On the other, you have the gay people that have been looking forward to a gay relationship on OUaT be given gay relationship with no buildup, using C- list characters for it C list characters, not actors.

As I said above that can mean more than one thing as far as what her sexual identity is. Remember Me Forgot Password?

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NAKED ACTRESS ON STAGE Once Upon a Time episodes.
Big tits at work movies They continue to kiss.
Video free nude Nick Roman of Ricky. Ruby does fit in very well with what seems to be the LWC arc and Mulan could fit in with the finding Lily's father arc.
Pictures of naked adult women And it doesn't matter how many people may think something like that, the point is we don't have any reason to think that. You don't need to say to someone "I love you" to confirm or not your sexuality. In fact, looking ahead to the final four episodes this may be all we see of the new couple.

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