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My offer on the condo was approved and I needed to know if a recent renovation had been completed properly. Greg's eye for detail revealed several difficiencies and as a result I was able to have them all corrected before we took possession.  Thanks to EyeSpy Inspection, I now have  peace of mind knowing that there are no surprises around the corner."
Lisa W – Vancouver

In a hot market, EyeSpy responded quickly to our needs and finally we were successful on the third property.  We were able to finalize with confidence, knowing that Greg's thorough inspection revealed only minor deficiencies.
Mat L - Vancouver

"I received and read the Inspection Report.  Nice summary too, for easy reference.  Thank you, it is very professional."                                          Rick & Linda - Delta BC

"Micheal & Alex were very pleased with your service and that has motivated me to recommend you again. I look forward to doing more business with you soon."                                                                                                     Mona L- Royal LePage 

"Just wanted to say thanks again for such a thorough inspection.                 Explaining what needs to be fixed and why was a great help."

Mark E. - Squamish BC

"Your advice, professionalism and very likeable demeanor was refreshing."

Maureen M. - Surrey

"You have a very knowledgeable approach to your work which I'm sure your client's appreciate.  Hope to work with you again."

Paul - Vancouver Realtor