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Good realtors rely on Professional Licensed Building Inspectors such as Greg Rowland to assist them with the sale of their properties.  Greg understands that a building inspector’s role is not to infringe upon the sale of a building, but instead it is to work with a realtor to achieve benefit for all: buyers, sellers and their realtors.

Realtors understand the value of using a qualified building inspector and the benefits a home inspection report offers all parties, such as:

•    Increases credibility and trust with potential buyers.
•    Promotes successful sales and reduces listing times.
•    Gives a more accurate picture of the home’s true condition.
•    Reduces buyer objections and hastens the sales process.
•    Eliminates many pre and post-closing problems.

A  'pre-listing'  home  inspection  allows the seller to identify factors that may  put off home buyers and allows you to have them corrected.  It can take hundreds of good sales to develop a good reputation, while only one bad one can leave a name tarnished forever.

Regardless of whether a building inspection report is required before or after a home hits the market,  real estate professionals acknowledge the advantages in dealing with a Professional Licensed Building Inspector like  Greg Rowland.  Not only does he act in the best interests of the realtor’s clients, but he is an expert in ensuring that a home inspection creates a win/win situation for all parties in the home sale.