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The standard inspection includes all the major structural and mechanical systems of the house. Around 1,000 check-in points are covered across 300 individual items around the home.  The inspection covers the quality of the building materials, right through to the actual workmanship over 10 main areas:

Every home has a unique personality. Two seemingly identical homes on the same street, built by the same construction crew from the same blueprints, can be very different.  For example, lumber used structurally for floors and walls can be delivered with a higher moisture content, or be left outside exposed to rain for several days, absorbing moisture.  Once installed within a structure, it is susceptible to warping while drying and the resultant bulging and bowing cause a myriad of problems.

EyeSpy Inspection Report's are produced with the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct.  Many consumers mistake a long report for a quality report, but a report's quality is dependent on the thoroughness and accuracy of the information it contains - you can only achieve this quality with an experienced and highly qualified home inspector. This is why our Inspection Reports are rated so highly within the industry.

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         •    Structure
          •   Exterior
          •   Roofing
          •   Plumbing
          •   Electrical
          •   Insulation
          •   Ventilation
          •   Interior
          •   Heating
          •   Air Conditioning