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EyeSpy Home Inspection is owned and operated by Greg Rowland.  He is a member of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia (HIABC) and operates as a Professional Licensed Property Inspector.  Since 1983, Greg has been working in the building industry - primarily  renovating new and older homes.  Building  new additions and commercial renovations are also part of Greg's repertoire.  One thing is for sure, he knows the construction process inside out - from structural and load-bearing systems, to electrical, plumbing and heating requirements.

When it comes to home inspections,  there is no doubt that experience is the best educator and references are the best proof. With over 27 years industry experience, Greg has a deep understanding of the structural issues of homes  and  associated  problems - such  as  undersized  rafters and roof components  leading  to  distortion  and  roof sagging.  It is this extensive knowledge combined  with unparalleled client satisfaction that contributed to his Professional Licensed Building Inspector qualification.

Licensed by The Government of British Columbia

Home Inpectors Association of British Columbia