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The Home Inspection Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada, and this hasn’t happened by chance. Consumers want to minimize the risk of their investments and make informed decisions on their home purchases.  After all, nobody wants to be hit with unexpected repair bills shortly after  buying a home.

Part of this increased awareness can be attributed to consumers wanting to protect themselves from a home purchase disaster.  There have been a number of recent media reports of unsuspecting home buyers purchasing properties previously used as grow ops - and everyone remembers the leaky condo crisis which has cost countless home owners tens of thousands of dollars.  Only a thorough building inspection will detect these potential problems and provide home buyers with the peace of mind they should have when purchasing a new home.

Home buyers are not the only ones requesting home inspections.  The  service is also very popular with renovators and home sellers.  Renovators can save serious money with a home inspection by finding out and ensuring that their funds are spent in the right places, while home sellers reap numerous advantages such as protection from future lawsuits and a faster sale at a higher price.

Considering the issues at stake, it is important to ensure that your home inspection is carried out by one of the leaders in the industry.  Until recently, the Home Inspection Industry was completely unregulated and contained a number of unqualified inspectors.  Now home inspectors throughout British Columbia are licensed by the Provincial Government through the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority.  Don’t leave your home inspection to the novices; insist on a Professional Licensed Building Inspector.